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Wainwright and Co Stonemasons restoring Cargils monument Earthquake Strengthening

We are Otago Southlands' restoration experts, and partner with you to manage your restoration project to the highest standard. 


We have won awards for our work and have been featured in Heritage Magazine. We adhere strictly to the New Zealand Historic Places Trust guidelines and standards of the New Zealand Conservators of Cultural Material (NZCCM).  

Previous clients include:

Dunedin City Council

University of Otago

Waitaki District Council

Southland District Council

NZ Cemetery Conservation Trust

Please see our gallery for examples of our restoration work.

Good maintenance is key to conserving stone structures, and regular assessment can catch a problem before it escalates into something more expensive.


Wainwright and Co Stonemasons offer a range of maintenance services, structure assessment and condition reporting to ensure cost effective preservation of your masonry.


We are experienced in cleaning and sealing plaster work, masonry and Oamaru stone, employing non-abrasive techniques and products to safeguard your assets.


Please see our gallery for examples of our cleaning, sealing and maintenance work. 

We were the winners of the 2014 Oakwood Properties Award in Earthquake Strengthening for Cargill’s Monument in Dunedin. 


Our specialty is in taking historic buildings and monuments and bringing them up to current earthquake safety regulations while maintaining original aesthetic values.


Our vast experience in this area means that we are able to collaborate with clients from the early stages of a project. We can advise evaluations and recommend approaches to engineers to ensure the best outcome for you.

We have worked across Otago and Southland in key masonry strengthening and core drilling projects.


Please see our gallery for examples of our strengthening work.

Whether you are looking at building in stone, cladding or simply adding a feature, Wainwright and Co are experienced in all forms of stone construction.

Our expertise includes:

  • Dry-stone walling and stone cladding

  • Timaru Bluestone schistOamaru stone and Basalt rock


We build extensively in Central Otago, where we are known for providing exceptional workmanship. Wainwright and Co employs one of New Zealand's foremost authorities in stonework, as well as the nation's top stonewaller. If you are in Wanaka or Queenstown, and want master craftsmen to realise your dream design, call us today.


Please see our gallery for examples of our stone walling and cladding work.

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